HR toles and responsibilities: Technicolor Home Entertainment Services.

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Human Resources is an important key to a success of an organization by finding, screening, recruiting and training job applicants, as well as administering employee benefit programs. Human resources maintains a healthy work environment between organization policies and individuals. Human resources can also be described as the relationship between the employer and the employee. Many organizations have suffered because management failed to effectively mange relationship with employees.

The role of human resources is continuing to change. Today, human resources department is taking a more active role in meeting the competitive demands of today's corporations. Human resource's role in the organization has had to change with the current demands of diversity in the workplace, e-business, and ethics.

Technicolor Home Entertainment Services is a leader in the optical disc manufacturing industry. Technicolor operates four business units with worldwide facilities, which include U.S.A., Canada, Mexico, and Poland. Headquarter of Technicolor is located in Camarillo, California.

Technicolor has a senior vice president of human resources who is responsible for Technicolor in the United States. We also have a director of compensations and benefits and several corporate human resource managers assigned to support the different branches.

There are many responsibilities involved with human resource. At Technicolor, human resources is responsible for overseeing the policies and procedures, antitrust compliance guidelines, the education assistance program, benefits and compensation, recruitment and screening of prospective employee, new hire orientation and training, and preparing human resource forecasts. It is clear that human resources encompass a wide range of roles and responsibilities in the organization, which organizations cannot survive without.

One of the most important responsibilities of human resources at Technicolor is recruitment. "Recruitment is becoming increasingly complex. Human rights legislation, collective agreements, human resources policies, and strategic planning objectives all have a direct impact on the staffing and selection process."...