HRM Case Study: Bidgee Bank

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Graham Starbuck the previous director of human resources at Bidgee Bank who introduced Sales Incentives Scheme (SIS). SIS caused chaos and put Bidgee Bank into a critical situation. Both the previous CEO Jonathan Rockwell and Graham did not foresee the shortcoming that cost them their job. The policies that Rockwell pursued were increase both market share and shareholder values. In order for Rockwell to do this, Graham introduced SIS that emphasises on individualism and sales orientated business, which was the major setback for Bidgee Bank as this system caused conflicts between employees themselves and doing whatever it takes to meet the sales target. Due to this system, employees had became dishonest and shonky. Major problem like fraud and customer dissatisfaction occurred as employees trying to achieve the unrealistic goals and there were lack of monitoring system. As this system was implemented to rapidly without thinking of the consequences, and employees were not ready or well trained enough to handle this situation.

Now, Bidgee Bank is in an urgent situation where it needs to introduce a new performance management system. However there are many aspects that Bidgee Bank needs to put into consideration before designing a performance management system. Alison lee the successor after Graham needs to first analyse what were the major problem with the previous performance management system such as the shortcomings of the system as written above. Then she would need to discuss with the new CEO Allright so that she could implement a suitable reward system that all stakeholders will be happy. She must also take Bidgee Banks core business into consideration as a good human resource management are the ones that support the organisation's mission or purpose.

"HR managers in turn have the responsibility to ensure that HRM is strategically aligned with the organisation's overall business...