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The role of Human Resource is ever changing. Based on the author of this paper's previous coursework, she will conduct some research on HR. The purpose of this paper is to evaluate and conduct research on how HR can be aligned or realigned to become a strategic business partner. The Human Resources Department is crucial to an organization and important in every organization. This paper will also explore how HR can contribute to an organization's competitive performance and describe what it means to be a strategic partner. In addition, the author will discuss ways this can be accomplished.

Human Resource Department Changing RoleThe HR department is a rapidly changing department. Not too many years ago, HR was one of those departments that most companies could eliminate. The HR staff was considered clerical or administrative employees at one time. Qualifications for positions in the HR department were minimal and usually did not require degreed applicants.

A person with bookkeeping and typing skills could mostly handle the responsibilities. This department, which was viewed as insignificant, has emerged into a vital and crucial department in cooperation. Human resources are an important department in every organization. Human resource management represents a new concept and approach to performing personnel functions. "HRM is a philosophy of people management based on the belief that human resources are uniquely important to sustained business success" (

HR departments have a variety of responsibilities and activities including recruiting, orienting new employees, writing job descriptions, tracking vacation, sickleave, instituting and monitoring policies to monitoring benefits. In addition, some of the responsibilities include dealing with performance issues and ensuring that personnel and management practices conform to various regulations. The roles of management within an organization are demanding at times, therefore it is the HR departments responsibility for making sure employees are aware...