Huck Finn

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Aghast- Struck with terror, amazement, or horror

Scrutiny-Careful observation

Potent- Powerful; strong

Vigil- A watchful staying awake during normal sleeping hours.

Pauper- Person destitute of means except such as one derived from charity.

Agile- Able to move quickly and easily.

Inconsequential- Of no importance.

Naïve- Simple in a natural and perhaps foolish way; unsophisticated.

Vexation- Act of harassing/vexing; annoyance.

Languorous- Creating a dreamy, lazy mood.

Stealth- Quiet, secret, or sneaky behavior.

Sacrilegious- Involving sacrilege; against religion.

Elude- To escape by cleverness

Articulate- Clear and effective in speech.

Vanquished- Defeated or conquered in battle.

Tangible- Perceptible by touch.

Influx- Amass arrival or incoming.

Grotesque- Odd, twisted, or bizarre.

Hedge- To avoid giving a direct answer.

Compassion- Sympathetic, pity and concern for the suffering, or misfortunes of others.

Stamina- Ability to sustain prolonged physical or mental effort.

Depreciate- To make something seem unimportant, belittle.

Fiasco- A complete failure; esp. a project whose great plans end in ridiculous failure.

Zealous- Having/showing zeal (enthusiastic)

Aristocrat- A person held in high standing for superior tasks and manners.

Escalate- To increase in intensity.

Interminable- Endless

Grisly- Inspiring horror or intense fear. Horror/ ghastly

Confront- Face up to and deal with; address.

Promiscuous- Not restricted to one sexual partner; casual.

Relapse- A worsening of an illness after a partial recovery.

Infuse- To inject; add to.

Precarious- Insecurely; in a dangerous way.

Compel- Force someone to do something.

Devoid- Completely without; empty

Careen- To rush carelessly.

Discord- A harsh mixture of sounds; conflict.

Prudence- The use of good judgment and common sense.

Mandate- A command or instruction by someone in authority.

Coveted- Greedily wished for covet.

Repast- Something taken as food; meal.

Recite- To say out loud something memorized.

Impunity- Freedom from penalty or harm.