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Aaron Mackey

HSH 101

Dr. Fanelli


As a huge football fan, attending the home opener against Wake Forest on September 1st was an incredible moment for me. It was a fantastic experience to be there with my fellow classmates cheering on the team. The Carrier Dome was packed to full capacity, and it was a sight to see. It was very hot and hectic, but it was worth it to be there in every which way. The Syracuse team seemed very lackadaisical the first three quarters of the game. The large crowd diminished due to the team's lousy play, however my friends and I decided to stay. The mighty Orangemen came alive in the fourth quarter scoring 15 points in less than 90 seconds forcing the game into overtime. I was in shock and couldn't believe what I was watching. In overtime the team continued their surge scoring a touchdown to win the game.

The fans that decided to stay joined together and celebrated our miraculous victory. After the game concluded I went back to my dorm, only to hear the people on my floor whining about how they shouldn't have left. Although it was very tempting I was glad I didn't follow most of my peers when the going got rough. I had such a great time at the game that the following week I bought season tickets for the remainder of the season. I have attended every home game since and am a proud member of the orange nation. Syracuse University is very segregated in terms of race. However the thing I love so much about Syracuse sports is that no matter what color you are whether its white, black, yellow, or brown everyone .s united as orange.

Growing up my friends were always more into music...