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When I heard that we had to write a term paper for humanities I was not too happy with that idea. I decided to write my paper on a trip to a museum. So my friend Jen and I took a day and went to see the Gulf Coast museum. Neither of us had ever been to this museum before and did not know what to expect. We thought it was be interesting to write a paper on something that we had never seen before. The museum itself was first opened on September 18, 1999 with the legacy of its founding benefactor Georgine Shillard-Smith. Who's idea it was where the start of the Gulf Coast museum of art but never got to see her plans finished out.

I was very surprised when I walked into the museum. They had may outdoor sculptures that we did not have time to see, and I plan on going back to finish my tour.

There was no one else in the museum other than an elderly lady behind the counter. She greeted us and we told her that we were students writing a paper. She decided to load us up with every brochure that the museum ever gave out, but they were very helpful to my paper. I was very surprised to see the different type of art that they had there. They had some very interesting pieces and they had some that I really did not understand. Most of the pieces there were new age artwork.

They had an exhibition currently on display called Miami Hot. "A compelling lot. Possessed of wildly divergent points of view, techniques and inspirational muses, the threads that metaphorically connect them, that transcend iconographic, philosophical, and expressive distinctions, are their shared passion for arts as a conduit of...