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Max Mazza

Humanities 120

February 28, 2014

The Patron Versus the Pirate

At first sight this work of art seems very crowded and hard to comprehend. Once you stop to take a look at the detail and how the picture is drawn, the master crafts work shows through. The work of art is centered on two main figures who are in the middle of the painting and are drawn to a much larger scale then everything else. There is no certain confirmation of this idea that these two figures are most likely Jesus and the fallen angle known as Lucifer, but from what I have been taught growing up both of these images fit the description. Surrounding these two main figures , broken up into two sections one on both sides of the middle piece, is a basin like structure. This is unique. It is unlike the common grid like structure found in many paintings.

There is a dark and mysterious looking mountain in the top right corner that flows down into the horizon and then starts to flow back up to the top left corner where a castle sits. After my eye flows from the right to the left or vise versa of the basis my eye stops in the middle of the painting. In the middle I have to guess that the two main characters in this painting is Jesus on the top half and Lucifer on the bottom half, both connected by a big circle.

When you take a step back and look closely at the painting there is a lot of color and depth in it. It is three-dimensional and the people in it get smaller and smaller as they are portrayed as being farther in the background. The picture is also brighter as you...