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Survival is essential for each citizen although is it hypothetical that an individual is competent to survive without the endorsement of others? In Suzanne Collins' novel the Hunger Games, the protagonist Katniss Everdeen is compelled into an arena with 23 other competitors and it is obligatory for them to kill one another in order to stay alive in these contrived games, which are controlled by the remorseless government. In the novel, Katniss discovers and perceives that an individual's survival is only attainable with the assistance of others. This is evident and presented in Katniss alliance with Rue, her relationship with Peeta in the Hunger games as well as her connections with Haymitch in the games.

Rue is one of the tributes who has assisted and contributed to Katniss' survival in this manipulating and catastrophic event. This was an occurrence between life and death for our heroin Katniss and this was one of the pathways to Katniss' victory.

Trapped in a tree above her opponents who had a stockpile of weapons Katniss' aspirations were difficult to accomplish due to her inadequate strength on that specific day and without Rue she would have not survived. "If she'd wanted me dead, all she would have to do was disappear from the tree without pointing out the tracker jacker nest" (Collins, 208) This signifies that Rue desired for Katniss to survive and she did not want to afflict Katniss in the games. In addition, it demonstrates that Rue is considerate and she is confident that Katniss will not kill her. Also, as Katniss' character develops throughout the novel she allows herself to form significant relationships with others in the arena, which had aided her in surviving the Hunger Games. This is observed when Katniss determines that she would benefit from forming an alliance with...