The Hunting Hill House

Essay by VolcomBoy February 2003

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After reading the novel The Hunting of Hill House and viewing two movies of which are based on the novel. An older version of The Hunting of Hill House and a modern version called diffrently The Hunting. I have come to the termination of which movie does doess a better job representing the novel.

The movie that most resembles the novel would be the earlier version. It shows in great detail the sting of the story just like in the book. Elenor's mother's room was exact. The creepy furniture she had. The old music player and the wooden stick she use to bang the wallin call for Elenor. The hill house was alo the same, the long and tall metal fence with a huge drive way leading to the house. Unlike in the newer version the setting was a bit diffrent. In the beginning Elenor's sister does not leave with her right away and the car is offered to her to keep unlike in the novel they wonte give her right away and the car is offered to her to keep unlike in the novel they wont give her the car.

Also the setting of hill house is diffrent, the entance is wider and the house is as big as a castle.

In character wisethe older version shows how Elenor beleives she was the choosen one and makes it seem as its all about her and becoming the center of attention. She would see images abd over react to them in a way where it would seem it was meant for her. Having this Psycological problem and a sychotic attitude. In Theo's case, she was more artistic and showed alot more sarcasm. Luke's character was well represented , making him more a ladies men since the beginning. Showing...