ICT-course work; Database project:-Identify

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ICT-course work; Database project:-Identify

Problem chosen: A musical tracks database for a DJ

Problem description

Dan is a DJ. His job is to play popular records at parties and make sure the majority of the people enjoy the music if not the party.

In each party Dan has to make sure the music content is suitable whether it be a 10 year old birthday party, a 21st, or even a 40th, each age group has a different taste from time to style e.g. 2000-rap, 2000-pop, 2000 soul, etc.

The problem that Dan is facing right now is every time before he goes to a party to DJ at. He has to spend 1-2 hrs finding suitable records for his party then he has to choose which ones to actually play. He has to use index cards that is on paper and not totally up to date with his records so he does not know which ones he has lost of the new ones he has bought, etc.

It is in alphabetical order of artists so Dan has to read through each paper before adding it to his play list.

Dan's girlfriend is complaining that they are spending too much time sorting out his records for gigs. When I told Dan I was going to do a database of music tracks for a DJ and asked whether he would like to use it. Dan was very pleased and asked me to have his database collection on a computer database, which would be easy and quick to use so he can spend more time with his girlfriend. Also if he was unable to go home to prepare a play list he could ask a friend to do so for him.


v Dan could write out lists in a book or file...