Identity Narrative          I am from motor city Detroit and

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Identity Narrative I am from motor city Detroit and it is a fine place to live, but most people think it's a dangerous place to stay. Most people think that Detroit is a dangerous city, but its not it maybe a little ruff but it's not like someone you don't know will just walk up and kill you. I love Detroit I have adapted to the Detroit ways I'm going to return to Detroit when I graduate. Most of my family live there and I have too many brothers and sisters on my father side there to look after leave. I also couldn't leave my mother there to be on her own I have to spoil her because of what she did for me all my life.

I came to Olivet to get an degree in electrical engineer a career that can provide me with enough money too keep up with the cost of a living.

I like math and science there the only subjects that I liked in school so that's why I want to major in engineering. That's and career that pay very well and something that I like to do. I was told by my 9th grade teacher in school to pick and major that deals or work with something that you love to do. It also pays a lot of money and that's what something that I have to get. I don't like school one bit but when I think about the money I think why not go to college I'm not missing anything any way . I always thought of school being over after college any way not high school. I was always told haw fun college is and it also prepares you to be on your own.

The Detroit habits like having a big beautiful house and having three and four luxury car with 22 inch rims or better of course I have them still. I have some people that said that I would not be anything when I get older. So I have to go back there for a couple of years to show what I will accomplish to be by 22yr. old. Detroit it is a money city you can get wealthy en in many ways. In Detroit it's a fashion show city its like people try to get the best looking house and the best name brand car, clothes, shoes and rims. Detroiter love to show off there money, we hate to be broke sometimes you have to do what you have too. I don't want to show off to much I just don't want to be broke I don't know anyone who like being around a person that is always broke.

I don't ever want to be broke or not able to afford to do some that I want to do. No matter what I will do what I have to, to get money but not no crazy things like rob or steel or sell drugs, because I don't plan on going to jail. I was raise with the best of thing in my life and I don't plan for that to change when I get out of school. I plan for me to take care of my self and get my own house. I know with my major I should be able to get what ever I want.

I don't know if I may get married probably if I find someone that I can love, trust and that is independent and has a lot of book knowledge and street knowledge her self. It is hard for me to keep and good relationship with girls the girls that like me for me and stay committed to me I messed up with. But the ones that were no good I treated well so it's hard for me to say for sure I will get married.

I have experience a lot of things in my years of growing up. I have had my up and down in Detroit I have seen people get killed. I have seen people get rich and never worked a day in there life. There is lots of peer pressure there in Detroit, lots of people try to become drug dealers and get that fast money because you see lots many other people get away with it. That's when most people mess up because they never think about that you can have a steady income that is wealthy by the time that your 22 yr. old at least and it's safe. Best of all you can retire from it and really get paid for doing what ever you want by time your 50 yr. old.