Identity theft

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Money is quite a big thing in this world. So are plasma screen televisions and the swanky new I pods. Everyone has wants and needs in their life and try to satisfy their wants more. Some people work hard and create good plans for the future. Others try doing it the simple way by going on game shows or gambling, though it doesn't turn out so successful all the time. There are many, however, that steal.

Stealing is a major crime not only in America, but all over the world. Stealing sometimes start at a young age and begin to shoplift. It can happen at a person's house if it isn't well secured. The most famous and known theft of all is identity theft.

Identity theft (also knows as Identity fraud) is when someone steals another person's identity so they could become that person. It can lead to illegal immigration, terrorism, espionage, or changing identity permanently.

So far it's the fastest growing crime in the nation because not many people are caught.

Identity thieves use other people's identity to gain their finances, steal money from the victim's existing accounts, apply for loans, establish accounts with utility companies, rent an apartment, and purchasing many expensive items such as a flat screen television or a gown worth four thousand dollars. Most of the cases, the victim won't even know about it until a couple months or maybe a years to figure out that they are the victims of an identity theft. Though, it usually doesn't take long enough when the thief commits a crime under your identity.

The thief starts out by finding out your social security number, your name, address, birthday, what you do and more information necessary for their deed. They find it from people around you, schools, doctors...