The Iliad

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21 September 2014

Battling for Immortality

Men in battle fighting for immortality and the entitlement, or recognition of a heroic warrior is a vivid description of the vengeful society filled with rage, wrath, and battle depicted by Homers epic, The Iliad. Mortals and immortals quarrel for and against one another through both: internal and external conflicts, aiding for the perpetuating success and defeat of one another throughout the epic; creatively sharing the values of Ancient Greek society. One who fought heroically on behalf of the city was ranked high, and valued immensely. Homers main and critical focus is on the glorification of warfare and battle; portraying how important it is for mortals to be warriors/fighters in this society, even if that means the difference between life and prideful death. It is evident that the common solider is not as important as a king, or well-known warrior because of the specific martial code that is shared; any other soldier is a mere coward if they decided not to fight for their city-state.

Those endowed with super human strength are highly cherished leading the Armies. They are cared for and praised because of their heroic actions. This depiction laid down the foundation of what these people valued as important, or significant to them. Homer's main goal throughout this epic is to exalt their definition of war and its endeavors between the warriors and their oppositions. Concentrating on the societies martial code as a whole, including how minuscule conflicts regarding the men gives probability of losing their prideful perception within their society, which can arise into cowardly views by their civilization.

The narrative begins with the invocation of a muse to aid Homer in conveying the rage and wrath of Achilles, the son...