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Throughout history, immigrants have left their home countries to start a new life in a foreign land for many reasons. I'm for immigration into America, therefore, we shouldn't ban immigrants from coming to the United States because they come here for the same reasons why were here. Many immigrants come to America to gain economic opportunities, to escape religious persecution, and to avoid poverty.

Economic opportunity is the main reason why immigrants want to come to America. They want more money. Back at home, immigrants work for low pay or no pay jobs. They don't make enough money to support themselves and their family. When immigrants come to the United States they are able to make more money to help them survive. Immigrants also want better jobs. They want to work in areas where they know it's safe and clean, and they also want to escape the troubles of harsh labor.

They need better jobs so they can have an equal status in the economic system. Lastly, they want a better life for themselves. In the United States, you are free to do whatever you want without having somebody take control your life. With a want for a better life, you have a lot more opportunities to accomplish your personal goals in America.

Immigrants wanting to escape religious persecution is another reason why the want to come to the United States. America is one of the many countries that offer religious freedom. In the United States you are allowed to express your beliefs without getting criticized. With religious freedom you don't have to practice your religion in secret. You don't have to worry about being be persecuted for what you believe. Everybody doesn't have the same beliefs, so there isn't anybody who can discriminate in what you...