Immigration issues

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After attending the event, the first thing that comes to my mind is Asian Americans should also be more active in social issues and in politics. Unlike the Latinos, most of the Asians are afraid to speak up and stand up for themselves, because they do not want to create problems. This is especially for the new immigrants, because they feel like they do not know all the laws in America and they do not speak proper English. With these things in mind, they will automatically think even they want to change something and want to have certain kind of rights, it is almost impossible to do it. The event is really powerful that it touched me in a lot of ways. The first speaker told us about her own experience as a college student. She told us that her parents do not speaking a lot of English, and they do not know a lot about how school functions.

So she is in a situation where she has to study extra hard, and work extra hard to find out more information about how to apply for EOP&S, financial aid, school grants and other things that will help her to achieve her goals. Her story touched me, because right now I’m experiencing the same thing as she does. Sometimes I do feel bad for the fact that my parents could not help me much. But I already know exactly what I want to do, I know exactly how to achieve it, and I know in order to be successful I really need to work hard for it. I also learned something new from the event about this ICE AGENT. I never knew that they could just take anyone they want to the jail and not telling them the reason for it.