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The United States of America is seen as a country of peace, freedom and liberty. It is a place where every person has a chance to succeed placing color, origin and beliefs aside. Different people have come to the new land for different reasons but one thing they all had in common was the seeking of a better life. Years ago and still today people are looking for something more in life, they want to be better then what they are so they can give to the generations that are yet to come in their families. For some it's as easy as breathing for others it becomes more of a problem trying to attain their desires in this unfamiliar land.

The US of A came to be what it is today because of the immigrants who came here. From the Dinosaurs to the Indians to Columbus and then the Pilgrims and last but not least those who came between the Pilgrims and those who are standing in this great land today.

We are all immigrants; everyone came from various parts of the world eventually settling down away from what one use to call home. Many people were forced to leave loved ones behind and begin their new lives alone. Whether it was because they didn't have enough money to send all the member of the family or because they went one by one to see what this great land was all about to make sure that they were making the right decision.

Reaching the new land was a problem but the language barrier was one as well. Coming from countries that speak different languages as well as different dialects causes a communication problem this is one of the reason why people of the same nationalities settled around the same area.