Immigration in the United States of America

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"Every immigrant who comes here should be required within five years to learn English or leave the country" said Theodore Roosevelt one of the forty four presidents of the United States. Nowadays, being a great empire in the international arena and the country full of opportunities America faces immigration from all over the world that in turn makes various problems within the country. It continues to be one of the controversial and divisive topics that involve hot debates. So talking about immigrants, it should be highlighted that immigrants comprise both legal and illegal ones. Any individual who resides in a country illegally and without any permission from authorities is known as an "illegal immigrant." However, undocumented immigrants are divided into several categories such as the individuals who entered the country illegally and others who came legally but overstayed the number of days that were permitted on their visa. By the date of visa expiration some people do not leave the country deciding to take a risk in search of a better life thus violating visa rules and remain there holding a status of illegal immigrant simultaneously using all government services.

Regardless of type of individual both bring risk to the United States including waste of money on governmental services and domestic security.

As it is stated in the book of Current Issues the United States has always benefited from the hard work and cultural diversity that new comers bring to the country which considers itself "a nation of immigrants." (Farrell, Tiffany 2006.) Nonetheless, the terrorist attack of September 11, 2001 committed by nineteen foreign-born men was the evidence of the fact that more attention should be paid to immigrants and more quotas should be introduced. In order to improve security the United States should place more restrictions on immigration, some...