Impact Of The Digital Revolution On Society

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Impact of the digital revolution on society The Revolution in digital communication technology is proceeding and bringing new technologies to everyday life at break-neck speed. Most key technologies are still evolving and will do so beyond 2005. The ground-breaking evolution of the technologies will have a profound effect on the work styles on every individual. More often than not people of all sectors either he is a teacher, researcher, staff member or an administrator will greatly depend on technology assistant and the Internet to go in pursuit of their day to day work schedules.

In all the roles the physical boundaries that constraint the individual schedule and activities will be greatly reduced. A variety of tasks that presently used to require a trip like shopping, banking, acquiring news and entertainment are accomplished from anywhere. People depend on the digital assistant for shopping, banking, plan holiday and search information. When people finish work and go home, the machine goes with them.

The evolution of digital WEB-TV will help all sectors of people to get connected to World Wide Web. Web TV helps people who are not educated or cannot afford a computer to get connected from their respective homes in a gainful mode.

By the year 2005 the much anticipated information technology trends will be well established.

* The first is towards smaller, cheaper and faster microprocessor, which in turn allows ever-more effective compression and encryption of data, and makes appliances and tools appear smaller and smart.

* The second is the trend toward enormously greater digital storage capacities, and allows vast libraries of information to be stored inexpensively on-line.

* The third and forth trends are toward high-speed and wireless networking.

By the year 2005 about the usage of Internet enabled wireless phones will surpass and about one billion people...