The Impact of Media on Socialization

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The Impact of Media on Socialization

Lara Sazonov


Mrs. Ruffilli

December 19, 2006

Violence in the Media

In our modern times, there are excellent medicines and devices to maintain and sustain life, there are far too many child deaths all around the world. These are indeed tragic deaths. How much more pitiful is the death of a child due to pretend 'play' and imitation of images seen in the media? Television, internet, video games, and music have a large and sometimes devastating impact on children. Children do what they see and especially in the early years when imitation affects everything they do. "The association between media violence and violent attitudes and behavior is as high as the correlation between smoking and lung cancer" (Jaffe, 2006, p.28). Parents need to pay attention to the signs a child will give when they start becoming aggressive and displaying violent attitudes.

It is important to understand what television shows are okay to watch and what musical lyrics might be sending the child a message of violence. Media violence has a negative influence on children, and parents should try to reduce the amount of time a child is exposed to that violence.

For many people, violence is an ordinary way to be entertained. It results when many different forces come together, and exposure that we see in the media is one of them. Violence can be found in many sources other than television. It can be found in music, video games, newspapers, comic books, radio broadcasts, magazines, movies, and in our everyday lives. "Forty five percent of over a thousand rock videos are of a violent nature. Children become desensitized by watching these images" (Berger, 1990, p.130). The world is based on media. It affects everything people do,