Impact of Technilogy on Customers

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Impact of Technology on Customers

TEC 401 - Human Factors in Technology

August 15, 2007

Impact of Technology on Customers

Our world has become a vital part of technology and this has affected people of all walks of life, for example, doctors, students, engineers, and people in business. Technology has become the technical means of improvement in all organizations. Due to so much dependency, organizations use technology to control the world in which they live. This paper will address the impact technology has on customers with the introduction of new products, added value, support plans, and technology partnership that enhance customers experience.

People normally use knowledge, tools, and systems from technology to make their lives easier and better. Business technology has been used to enhance the workforce and it has changed rapidly over the last decade. Some time new technology require specialist to work and control it.

In the business world, the major topic of concern is technology. The company with the best technology has advantages over other companies, because cost can be reduced, production process can be increased, and fewer resources are used. For this reason companies spend a great deal of money on research and development in order to improve customer satisfaction.

Introduction of the new Product

To incorporate new technology into the workforce program brings with it the responsibility to use it wisely. The diversity of knowledge and skills in the marketplace is largely needed. Where technology might effectively communicate desired outcomes particularly in one skill, chances is technology might fail in another. According to Reagan and O'Connor, it is important to understand the purpose of old products in comparison to new ones (2002). Management and information technicians need to look objectively at the performance objectives of technology and identify...