Impact of Technology on Mankind and the Natural World

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Humans have impacted this world greatly with the increase of technological advances. For the most part, though these things have been helpful in creating a Global Community, the impact of this rush of technology has been negative. The fast-paced industry of technology is of the mindset of "faster, better, more efficient." This betterment of the current technology has left a lot of waste in its path. Old computers and cell phones have little use anymore and are hard to recycle. Although there has been a huge negative impact there also have been some great positives that have helped in bring the world closer together.

In respect to Transportation, we have made more progress in the last ten years than we have in the last century. We have quickly set up huge diversity in the market of transportation; now it is possible to travel father than ever before. With this ease of travel, trade and tourism booms and has to created links around the world leading to co-operative programs like the United Nations, the Red Cross and co-operative space programs.

These kinds of connections would not be possible without the growing communications trade that has risen up in the last thirty years. With television many are able to access news broadcasts from around the world, getting exposure to the variety of cultures around the world. Unfortunately less than 30% of the world's population has this advantage. Although, it can also be argued that it's not much of an advantage the way the Western World uses it, most teens by the time they graduate will have watched over 15,000 hours of television; a waste of valuable time most would say. However, with the array of communications technology we have, knowledge is becoming more accessible. Information is available at the click of a...