The impact of telivision on youth

Essay by kathelineF, September 2004

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Telivision is definately the worst inventions ever created by man.Its an invention which secretely tell you to harm another person without taking any blame.Our youth is hooked to this evil who is the lays the future foundation for our country.So we need to nurture the good elements so the can be responsible and mature citizens ,whereas telivision saps all of these and displays it in the form of violence.

Its a depressing fact that nowadays even cartoons has some proportionally of violence . Films teach the youth the wrong morale that in the mordern world the honest and the hardworking are lagging of suffering whereas the wicked and the crooks lead the life of kings .Instead of taking the role model of great scientists and other great men the cling on to the movie stars and will do any kind of non-sense in their name. On top of that telivision dimnishes the creativity of the individual and loses intrest in a reading habits.

The most depressing part is the unbound violence shown in movies along with foul language along with its 'Slang' refrain people from using proper language .Hence creating tension in the mind of the youth which make him to indulge in various violent activities .

The dunb box takes no responibilities of the childs action ,and as a child who is unaware of what absuse shown cannot judge what is right and wrong and prforms the sinful deed.