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Choosing a dream is a success story of an Italian boy this essay gives us an insight of the feelings and the life of an immigrant boy. This is the story of a poor boy who dreams to be a writer in spite of the fact that his fore fathers had been illiterate and there is no encouragement from his family for him to become a writer, an artist. The boy being Mario Puzo he gives us his own perspective of how he viewed adults and how he viewed the other Italian immigrants. This essay also gives us an insight into the lives of other Italian Immigrants from a viewpoint of an Italian Immigrant. Mario Puzo also mentions about his most valuable gift of retrospective falsification that meant remembering only the good and not the bad.

The impact of hell kitchen on Mario Puzo was both good impact and bad impact.

The good impact was that he saw the adult Italian immigrants as uncongenial people because of this he decided to stand aside from them and to make his own identity rather than continuing what his adults did. This is the reason why he became contemptuous towards his elders which is in a way also a bad impact. The bad impact of hell's kitchen was that he was being drawn towards unfair means of leaving like theft etc. that is evident from his dream of being a great criminal. But it was because of his love towards the art that drove him to become an artist a reader. The circumstances grew such that he was pulled away from his family and which led him towards Hudson guild. This guild also led him towards small mischiefs like letting the air out of the cars of rich people who came to attend...