Implementation Plan Research

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Running Head: Harrison-Keyes Implementation Plan Research

Harrison-Keyes Implementation Plan Research

University of Phoenix


Harrison Keyes Implementation Plan Research

Founded in 1899, Harrison Keyes has been a leader in publishing business, scientific and technical information. Due to recent changes in the industry, and an attempt to revamp its former successes, the company is in the process of redefining itself in the market. One major change is transforming the sales market from a printed version of books to an e-book platform. (University of Phoenix, 2007) Primary focus is on developing a full service site.

This paper will identify companies that have faced specific issues related to those identified in the Harrison Keyes scenario (University of Phoenix, 2007) and related to the concepts of enter concepts. For each company the paper will: discuss the following the issue identified in the scenario that is also facing the company, how the company responded to the issue, and outcomes of the company's response to the issue.

Additionally, the paper will provide an analysis that synthesizes the key findings. The analysis will identify the key course concepts and compare and contrast the practices of each company related to those concepts

Research Summaries


NASA, being a government agency that utilizes the expertise of private firms for many of its projects, has developed a very articulate request for proposal (RFP). Requirements and features must be in enough detail that contractors have a clear description of the final deliverable that will meet the customer's needs. In most cases the RFP also specifies an expected format for the contractor's bid proposal so the responses of different contractors can be fairly evaluated. (Gray & Larson, 2005, p 52) This is to avoid ambiguity and provide an even ground to start from.

When comparing the...