The Importance of Effective Writing in the Workplace

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The backbone to effective communication in the workplace or in any venue is clarity. Precision in communication circumvents faulty interpretation, which enables maximum productivity - the essence and proof of good business. Vocabulary acquisition is a vital component of the skills necessary for effective writing in the workplace. Provision must be made for staying current in idioms and slang as well as ever-evolving business practices. The expenditure of a mere twenty minutes a day for the purpose of vocabulary improvement will revolutionize the hearer's reception of any communication, but most especially will that be true in the workplace. Such a scheduled investment is a basic component in any person's plan for personal continuing education, without which mental and professional stagnation inevitably yields its fruit - antiquated professional skills and boring speech. Virtually any provision for adding to one's vocabulary will yield results; even posting new words on the refrigerator door or the bathroom mirror will encourage the integration of new words into your everyday usage.

Keeping your listeners not only awake but alert - dare we aspire so high as to even aim for interested, excited - gives mute testimony to our communication skills. Effective writing in the workplace requires the integration of several skills. Mere verbosity does not inevitably equal lucid communication. Clarity, dare we listeners hope, brevity, logical structure, illustration and example are all necessary tools in any type of writing. Molding the contents to fit the needs of the reader saves time in the workplace, a priceless commodity. Veering off subject, failing to lay the proper foundation of the communication, gaps in the explanation of the process required or the action requested can all lead to unnecessary confusion. Confusion leads to wasted time, loss of morale due to frustration, and ineffectual use of resources. Ineffective...