The Importance of Governments financial support for major cities to preserve and generate a nation's cultural traditions

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Should governments ensure the financial support that their major cities need in order to thrive? I think they should. But, is it because a nation's cultural traditions are preserved and generated in cites? I partially disagree.

Cities are the economical centers where many taxes are from. We also have to admit that there would be no culture without enough money. Cities are also the cultural centers of countries. It is cities that reside operas and museums where many exhibitions and performances can be held in. Furthermore, there are much more educated and middle-class people in cities who are more likely to be potential audiences and customers. Artists need to go to the city for living. But, a nation's cultural traditions are not only preserved in cities.

Many cultural traditions are preserved in the country. Take aboriginal people in Taiwan for example, they are usually not wealthy enough to afford the high expenses in cities.

Most of their traditions are created and passed for hundreds of years in the country. Young people of their tribes moved to cities for more job chances and better income. Only the old and the little are left in the country. If we only ensure the financial support in major cities, these traditions will face peril.

Not only aboriginal people, others who live in cities are less likely to preserve their traditions because cities are a place of modernization and globalization. Old ceremonies and rituals need time and space which is hard to find in fast-paced and highly-populated cities. In addition, people who live in cities are usually moved from the country that traditions which need certain places cannot be preserved. I lived in the country when I was a little boy. Our family members gathered together to celebrate the Chinese New Year. We...