Importance for Tourism Industry to Distinguish between different types of Tourists

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Importance for Tourism Industry to Distinguish between different types of Tourists1. Discuss why it is important for the tourism industry to distinguish between different types of tourists?The reasons why people are motivated to travel or to go on a holiday and the particular type of travel experience that are seeking when they do so, are wide and varied. They are dependent on a number of disparate and varied factors based on particular personalities, habits, aspirations and previous experiences. Some people wish to spend two weeks soaking in the sun抯 rays on a tropical beach whilst others would prefer to spend the same time hurtling down a ski slope. Others still would like nothing better to spend their time trekking through a steamy jungle or scaling a mountain range or testing their stamina or endurance in a number of different ways. The manner in which people choose to spend their leisure time is as varied as the types of people that there are.

Some people enjoy the carefree relaxation of a full package holiday, with absolutely everything included and catered for, whilst others derive enjoyment from doing things independently and organising every single part of their time away.

This variety of tastes and desires as always existed but in the past the possibility to fulfil these tastes and desires may not have been available.

The types of travel experience that people would wish to enjoy are as wide and varied as the different types, personalities and classes of people that there are in society.

The tourist industry has long been aware of this divergence in personal desires and motivations when different people select the types of travel experience this wish to enjoy and the various factors behind the choices which include physical needs, social needs, mental needs, intellectual needs and status...