The important of Jesus' commandment of love in Christian Ethics

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Christian ethics are not centered on ethical codes, oaths, social environment or human values but are rooted in the nature and activity of god. As one explores god and his character they discover that he is righteous, just and loving and judges accordingly. Christian fundamentals are centered on the fact that God will judge correctly and has revealed his love for mankind through Jesus Christ.

When one thinks of Christian code of ethical conduct and morality, the Ten Commandments are immediately brought to mind. After all they have set out an ethical law clearly and concisely. In consideration of the Ten Commandments, many people ignore the greatest commandment of all, the commandment of love. Jesus was asked by a scholar to say which commandment he thought was the most important. He replied: "You shall love the Lord, your God, with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind".

This is the greatest commandment of love. Put simply, without love for God obedience of any other commandment is shallow and pedantic.

Some people may focus on obeying the Ten Commandments with disregard for the commandment of love. They will become obedient and ethically right from all perspectives on the outside but will not make themselves ethically just and clean inside. Jesus' commandment of love shows that god has accepted mankind through his forgiveness and sending of his son to earth. So it follows that it is only fair that we accept him with all our heart, soul and mind and obey him.

An individual may mistake the commandment of love as an abolishment of the Ten Commandments. This will lead them to believe that love is all they need and it allows them to act freely providing they love god. However this will be an incorrect...