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Introduction Improve A Cop (or I.A.C for short) is intended to be an arcade style police training simulation. Through the use of different props such as coloured discs and exploding bombs, the game attempts to provide an enjoyable environment while developing hand-eye co-ordination and decision making skills. The system is not only restricted to current and potential police officers, children will enjoy playing the game while sub-concisely improving their skills.

I.A.C essentially presents the player with a number of different scenarios such as shooting a number of bombs within a timelimit, practicing shooting eggs as they bounce around the screen and differentiating between civilian and criminal before shooting in a simulation environment. As these missions are completed the "officer's" rank increases providing a basis for score and competition.

Human Computer Interface There will be an attempt to create a neat and uniform display featuring consistent items such as score display, lives count and a menu bar.

A colour scheme will also be used. The diagrams supplied present how we envisage our system look and also how the game will flow through a series of menus and action areas.

Algorithms The system should essentially be comprised of a number of algorithms. They are outlined below.

An Algorithm to adjust difficulty by altering times and scores required.

An Algorithm to manage which stages and rankings have been passed and achieved respectively.

An Algorithm to display the stage and keep track of user clicks or "shots".

An Algorithm to store current score.

An Algorithm to create and maintain a high score database.