The Industrial Revolution

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The Industrial Revolution began to take place in Great Britain in the 18th century. It was a great substitute of manual labor by machines that were now invented to make the job both quicker and easier. The agricultural world was now being transformed into the industrial world. The process of manufacturing was about to begin. The industrial revolution had its ups and its downs. It was very effective for many reasons and at the same time it caused a lot of problems for some people.

The industrial revolution changed the atmosphere of Great Britain greatly. There were more and more people migrating from rural to urban areas. There was more opportunity for jobs in the urban areas, because of all the new factories being built. There was no longer a need for families to sit home and complete a task that could take a whole day where it could take an hour or so in a factory.

This was also a good thing for the people who wished to remain in the rural area. For those people, new sources of food became available, and even the death rates began to decrease.

Many people also began to take risks financially in order to continue with this growth of industry. Groups of investors, businesspeople, and managers took financial risks and they obtained great rewards. The amount of goods and services that were being produced began to expand dramatically. The proportion of capital invested per worker also began to grow. People were able to live a little more comfortably with the invention of factories and a higher salary. The people in the middle and upper classes of society enjoyed both greater prosperity and improved health. The lower class people, on the other hand, suffered economically. The building of factories meant much more air...