Was the Industrial Revolution a Benefit to Society

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The Industrial Revolution was really more of an evolution than a revolution in the way that it developed new methods of living rather than using forceful techniques to change leaderships in society. Millions of people contributed to the cause, because such an immaculate and high-paced transformation could not be credited to one person alone. The Industrial Revolution is still in effect in today's modern world though the rate is much slower. Within this issue lie mixed feelings about the results and steps taken during this era. Some people would say that the Industrial Revolution was a necessary achievement in order to make easier the lives of all citizens throughout the world, other people would say that it brought misery and hardships to the lower classes of society. The best position in this argument would be that the Industrial Revolution was beneficial to society because; it gathered the population to form cities, created competition, and it increased food production.

The major downfall was that it strengthened the extreme inequality among nations. It is clear because of the gathered people that formed cities, the created competition, and increased food production that my position is stronger than that of my opponent.

Cities bring pride, unity, as well as consumer goods in large quantities. Living in a city will make for a simple life when compared to living in a rural area. Readily available goods, homes, and jobs can easily be found in urban areas. Cities are the first to gain new technology and fashions. They also make for a separate government and economy, which allows a citizen more say in their surroundings, taxes, and laws. Without cities, people would be scattered across the land and would not have access to as many resources.

Competition allows consumers to control the prices...