The influence of Dreams.

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The exact definition of a dream is a, 'fantasy, ideal or aspiration, beautiful or ideal person or thing'. However, I believe that a dream is not just an everyday term that we use to pursue a goal or fantasy, it changes people's lives and by my judgement without serious dreams there would be no meaning to our existence on earth.

Without dreams there is no point of us waking up in the mornings, or even for us going to sleep at night, because dreams alter our everyday lives in many different forms. My opinion is that everyone has a dream or goal which they wish to pursue, but all dreams range on their effect to the person. A Dream or goal can have an effect from one person to the whole world, but I believe that a dream always has a purpose; Maybe for your own consideration or to change the society for a certain matter.

But a dream always has a meaning, a starting point and a finishing point.

I am sixteen years old and I believe that my consideration of a serious dream begins here. From young ages people have hundreds of different dreams, but unless they are taken under regard they are meaningless. A dream can start from a hobby, a talent or just from a thought of another person, or something a person does which they look up to. But as we mature as people our dreams do as well. Children usually want to pursue all sorts of dreams ranging from being an astronaut to a policeman, but these are not dreams but are mere fantasies which children play games with.

As a person grows older, their mind and thoughts grow with them, so their view on life also changes. This means that their perspective on...