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War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength. The slogans of the party help control the people of Oceania. Within these three sentences holds the key to Ingsoc's survival. Wherever a person may go, he would be bombarded by these slogans on billboards or from an anonymous voice yelling them through a telescreen. The people know these phrases by heart, but few really understand their underlying meanings. The secrets hidden in the slogans are kept away from the citizens for a good reason; because unveiling the truth would lead to Ingsoc's downfall and the rise of freedom for the people.

War is peace. The one stimulus that unifies a country the most is war. There seems to be something magical about it. When the state needs help, the people feel obligated to give money, hang flags, or even give their lives; whatever it takes to keep their country free and prosperous.

These feelings of love and dedication to one's country are what Ingsoc has longed for and finally has found a way to control. If there were war all the time, the people would never stop loving the country. The country of Oceania switches back and forth between fighting Eurasia and Eastasia. Everyday on the telescreen, they hear about the victorious battles that their army has fought. These victories make the people think about how great it is to live in a country with such a powerful government that protects and keeps them safe. Even though the people battles in far away lands on the telescreen, they are fully aware about how real war is. Bombs explode in the cities all night long, causing the citizens of Oceania to live in constant fear. When there is fear, it is easier to trust someone, or something, more...