Insight into "Hunters in the Snow" - By: Tobias Wolff

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"Hunters in the Snow" is a compelling story that gives readers the opportunity to share what they interoperate with many ideas. There are several instances that leave the readers asking why. Did Tub shoot Kenny in fear or was it because of a sudden outburst Kenny caused from taunting him all day. On the way to the hospital, took their time and even left Kenny in the back on the truck bed freezing to death with a gun shot wound to his abdomen. The last action the reader reads about is Frank taking a different turn away from the hospital, the opposite direction they were suppose to be traveling. In this case, Kenny never arrives at the hospital. Was Kenny given a fair chance to live, or were Frank and Tub thoughtless in their actions.

Why did Tub feel his life was being endangered by Kenny? Kenny was upset about the fact he hadn't killed a dear all year long.

This anger caused Kenny to start shooting at random objects and to even further kill a dog. Before Kenny shot each object, he quoted the words "I hate ___" and when he said "I hate you" to Tub, Tub feared for his life. In this situation, Tub did not have time to think about what he was about to do, he did the quickest thing that came to his mind, it was to shoot Kenny.

From the start of the hunting trip, Kenny had been humiliating Tub, mostly about his weight. Could this have sparked a sudden outburst. After Kenny killed the dog, Tubs emotions could have taken over, and drove him to do the unthinkable, shoot Kenny. But for Tub to only find out later from Frank, the landowner asked Kenny to shoot his dog because...