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In this world of huge technology,instant communication has became a inseperable part of human life.Almost every one is using instant messaging in one or another form .Be it a whatsaap,fb,twitter,and many more.this instant communication has turned the world into a village.Irespective of the distances ,we can talk with any across globe with in minutes.Having some positive aspects of this tech,but the human tendency to misuse or overuse one thing has lend the instaant communciation in ambigous state.Instant communication itself is not causing people to make hasty decisions,but hastiness of human brains has did so,so ultimately blame goes to this tech.

Instant commuincation over the traditional method communication provide a little information regarding the real picture of emotinal state of person.while chatting we are complelety unable to gauzae other person is mental state,as its very easy to type emotcion with smile face ,even without begin really happy,in this way we misinterpret about others real thoughts and leads to the formulation of some incorrect .opions

about another person.

Similarly,instant comunication offers a very limited time to reply and we usualy due to inhurry all the time,send message without editing it.and sometimes this creates misunderstanding .For example,on viber,when another person reads our message ,we will shown seen with that message ,now one has to reply quickly,otherwise we will ask him reason for delay in his response,as we will shown its seen by need to reply quickly,to avoid unecesay debte,but due to this quickness we usually don't edit text ,that can be easily misleading sometimes,and don't get time think properly ,like as we can have ample of time to think while answering a letter.

Due to availablity of this instant communication,people remain in touch with each other for more times and have lost the so called time just for...