Intercultural Communications

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IntroductionThe US labor force is continually changing with more females, different ethnic backgrounds, and more immigrants joining the current workforce. As a result, the workplace landscape is more multicultural and dynamic today than a few years ago. Reflect about what is heard and read about in today's diverse job market. Employers are looking to recruit employees who have good communication and personal skills to be admirable team players. Those skills are even more valuable as the American workforce develops into wider varieties of cultural background.

It is hard to believe that in our country people are treated so unfairly, that we must help to change the laws. Not only through increased awareness of such issues in the workplace, but also to have employers help educate their workforces. Corporations are quickly learning that embracing key diversity policies and procedures have positive effects on their business success. Culture is a set of learned thoughts and behaviors, which make up our way of life.

In the workplace, we typically share our organization's culture with our coworkers; it's unlikely that we share personal culture with all our coworkers. We can find many ways that diverse lifestyles are symbolized in the workplace. Depending on our learned experiences with contact to diverse cultures, our comfort zone with these groups can increase or decrease. "Work force diversity is the presence of differences based on gender, race and ethnicity, age, able-bodiedness and sexual orientation" (Schermerhorn, 2003, pg 4).

Workplace Diversity ImportanceDiversity has benefited dozens of organizations when competing in the world marketplace. Retailer, Target has benefited from building a multicultural workforce. Few companies take full advantage of America's changing diversity in creating teams filled with cultures that reflect the international population. For example, growth in Hispanic's spending power will outstrip that of the general population in coming years."Hispanics...