internal and external audiences

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Internal and External Audiences

"Support, Empower, and Reward Employees"

While you and I consider a person that works for another to be an employee, Disney most times will refer to their employees as hosts, hostesses and cast members, as well as call their uniforms costumes. Simply by giving them this new name they give energy and instill a sense of pride and to the position. Disney's employees are the most valuable part of their organization. To begin with an employee goes through Disney University, which is their training program for all new hires. The University is meant to train them, giving them important knowledge, develop the right attitude, skills and habits. Through this University, Disney trains each new employee how to create happiness for others. Disney knew that creating happiness for others would be impossible if their employees did not feel good about their positions. "A happy crew produces a happy show."

Disney does offer many benefits to their employees. All employees receive complimentary park admission tickets and employee discounts. Full time employees also receive eleven paid holidays, medical insurance, a 401K plan with a company match policy, an adoption assistance program as well as several other benefits.

"Treat Customers Like Guest"

It is a point well made that everyone has a customer. Employees work as hard to put a smile on an adults face as they do a child. In doing this, Disney's customers will get more in their experience than they ever thought they wanted. Disney instills in its employees to pay close attention to detail. The seemingly small details such as, picking up a small piece of trash or placing a product back in the right spot, ensure park cleanliness and make a big difference in the eyes of a customer. All the little details and...