International Marketing Plan: Motorola

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Positioning, Targeting, Segmentation (STP)

The segmentation criteria created by the marketing team at Motorola contains many different elements appreciated by various consumers. One element is versatility, the attention consumers pay to this is phenomenal; consumers today want to know the adaptability and usefulness of this type of investment to ensure the purchase of a cellular phone is worth its value. In addition, consumers also consider its safety, whether the safety is for themselves or employees. We have found this concept increasing sales in the wired and wireless cellular accessories market. Aesthetics and comfort are two elements important to consumers. These elements may not be verbalized during the purchasing process; nevertheless, they are taken into consideration. Often options and cost come into consideration when the purchase of a new phone is imminent, during this time, the cost of options available is addressed, resulting in sacrificing or the purchasing these options.

Another element one must take into consideration is the ease of use of the device. An example of this is when users find ease in dialing a phone number, or the simplicity of finding specific menu information is an element taken into deliberation. Finally, elements of reliability and performance come into deliberation; often developed through brand awareness, past product performance and reviews, and through word of mouth. The target market for the Eo4a will consist of technologically sound business-oriented males and females in the target ages of 18 - 45.

Marketing Strategy

The key marketing strategy for the E04a will be in the execution. The cell phone industry is extremely competitive and this innovative product offers a completely new concept for cell phone users. All segments of the market can be entered because to the increase use and dependability of mobile phones. Motorola will use several marketing strategies to...