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Internet is the phenomenon that has swept the world in the last one-decade or so bringing endless possibilities and an age of information.

The first concept of the Internet can be credited to the US Army. They realized a need for a communication network for exchange of latest defense research information between themselves and the various research institutions in The USA as well as the world.

There were many large companies in the west which took internet as a communication network for exchange of information. The companies realized that if these systems merged allowing the companies to exchange with one another as well as the within the company, the opportunity will be far greater. Moreover if general public were allowed to access such information archives, it will be very easy to communicate information to them and in the process allow the consumers to have easier access to their products.

Today the Internet, by using the blue print for the Information Highway has expanded to an unimaginable magnitude.

A world of information is now only a click of a mouse bottom away. With the increased popularity of the Internet more and more software are being developed to aid users for an even easier access to the desired information.

For businesses, it has opened up millions of doors of opportunities. Now a company in Bangladesh can easily reach out to the whole world telling them of their services and facilities all with the aid of a Web Page. It can keep in touch with all the latest developments and act promptly to keep up its competitive edge.

With the right attitude, the Internet will be the most important tool in the next, millennium for an inner business organization.