Internet Censorship

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The Internet. A hot new craze that's got everyone going "on-line". In an era of computer E-mail, cyber chat rooms, and unlimited information to be obtained at the click of a button. Should the government attempt to regulate, or control the "net"? Is it even possible for the government to take such actions, or will the internet remain a virtual world filled with information, free to access by anyone? The internet is fully accessible to anyone, meaning that anything can be put on to a web page. This is what inflects fear into the government the thought of top secret documents being transferred illegally, without any hesitation due to the lack of internet security. These illegal actions taken over the net, can cause costly to national security, as well as another problem the government has to recognize, Hackers. Hackers are computer wizards, who can wonder through the net like their own backyard, through restricted areas, or nonrestricted areas.

These hackers give the government plenty to fear, whether they are attempting to unscramble military code, or short circuit the white house's main frame, again without restriction , or even a chance of being stopped.

Problems over the internet don't stop there, they extend away from governmental threatening problems, to in house socially related problems, with the abundance of pornography all over the net. In attempt to regulate the pornography on the net, the government has stepped in passing the CDA, a unwanted and extremely controversial bill passed by congress. It makes the act of placing pornography onto the net a federal crime, this bill was argued heavily in the supreme court. Questions over Gci (a complex protocol for changing what users see on a web page) were brought into the argument, adding weight to the argument of antiCDA party. Of...