Internet Safety and My rights to Privacy

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Most Internet users are never aware of their Internet exposure from casual browsing. Most users buy software they assuming that by default installation they are fully protected and that is not entirely true.

It is not just computer hackers we need to protect ourselves from. We need to protect ourselves from web sites and those pop-up ads. You are probably wondering why web sites and pop-up ads would be a possible threat to your Internet browsing. Web pages tend to search your computers cookies retrieving data stored there. Some web sites apply what is known as spyware to your system. This spyware is like their personal link to you and is transmitting your activities back to a source wanting it. It also triggers those things we have all grown to hate, pop-up ads and banners.

Microsoft defines spyware in this way. Spyware and other unwanted software refers to software that performs certain tasks on your computer, typically without your consent.

This may include giving you advertising or collecting personal information about you.

There are many types of spyware software available to users to protect your system and naturally some work better than others. Removing spyware can be almost as trick as removing an unwanted program from your system. Some spyware software may interfere with your computers firewall and anti-virus software. The spyware software sometime shows no mercy in killing a program and working to remove it from your computers registry. This cause conflict with some of the newer firewall/anti-virus software because those manufacturers have finally became aware of this issue and are answering the publics call to eliminate the threat. These manufacturers are adding spyware and pop-up blockers in a bundle package of software to protect your system.

Now while one bundle of software sounds great and is easily installed...