Internet War

Essay by Alex1A, January 1996

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Netscape release Netscape Communicator about a month after Microsoft released Microsoft Outlook 97 in Jan97. Netscape first came up with the idea of producing a desktop organizer to integrate with Internet but Microsoft managed to create the program first. It is widely believed that Microsoft delated their release of Office 97 so as to include this program to once again beat Netscape.

Netscape is presently leading the internet browser market 80% of net users worldwide uses Netscape but Microsoft is fast catching up. Netscape had 98.2% of the total market share in 1995.

Both companies release new versions of their products almost faster than the market can catch up. Obviously the new versions are vast improvement of the older version and makes internet exploring a less complicated process and much much user-friendly. MIE is releasing IE 4.0 while Netscape have also announced that they are releasing Netscape Navigator 4.0 .

IE 4.0 will completely integrate into win95 making cyber exploring a part of the desktop programs, meaning net browsing is just a click of the mouse without any complication and confusion so much so that computer-illiterate will also know how to use. They also offer automatic updating of data when the whole package is released. The whole package includes a new version of Win 95 that operates perfectly well with IE 4.0. Netscape is attempting to do the same but I suspect they will lose further market share once both versions are released as Win 95 is also under the label Microsoft. Obviously the new version is specially written to suit the new IE 4.0. Both versions are expected to be out in July 97, as usual both companies are only able to release about that time.

This new concept is called intranet which allows companies to use Internet technologies...