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For the first class assignment I interviewed Mr. Kim, the owner of Montgomery Co. Computers and Technologies "“ computer equipment Value Added Reseller and technical support provider, located in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

Mr. Kim owns the business jointly with his wife. However, their responsibilities do not overlap and they do not get in each other's way. Mr. Kim manages the technical, customer service aspects of the business. He deals with customers and vendors. He also hires new employees. Mrs. Kim takes care of the accounting. She keeps track of inventory, pays bills, sends out invoices, and processes collections on overdue bills. She also runs the payroll for all employees. Mr. Kim manages the technical and sales employees, while Mrs. Kim is responsible for the accounting associate.

Ever since they were young, Mr. and Mrs. Kim wanted to start their own business. They did not like having a boss to take orders from.

They also wanted to work together to spend more time with each other. Additionally, they needed more money for their young family than they could earn working for someone else.

In 1987 Mr. Kim observed the growth of the personal computer industry and decided to make a few dollars buying computers in bulk and reselling them to individuals and small businesses. At that time there were not too many computer stores, so with little competition their business rapidly grew and soon they needed to hire 2 fulltime assistants to keep up with the increasing workload.

While the income was satisfactory, the work was boring and mainly involved sales, shipping, receiving, and accounting. Therefore, Mr. Kim decided to take a few computer courses at the University of Maryland to understand what he was selling and to learn to do it better. Upon completion of the courses, Mr. Kim realized that...