"Into the Darkness" by Barbara Michaels.

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Michaels, Barbara. Into The Darkness. New York, NY: Simon & Schuster

Inc., 1990

Let me tell you a story about a woman named Meg Venturi. She was born in Sedon, a small New England town. Her Grandfather Daniel Mignot, a roguish and mysterious founder of a majestic empire, died after a sudden short illness. So Meg had to back to Seldon, which is the small town that she ran away from so many years before. She expected only to pay her respects and to act as a pillar of strength to her fragile Grandmother. When Meg got there she received the shock of her life, which was that her beloved grandfather had left her the local antique jewelry store that was his greatest joy. With this inheritance came another, even more startling, legacy as she was forced into a business partnership with the man Daniel Mignot selected--the man half the town whispered was responsible for the old millionaire's death.

Amidst the rich blood-red Burmese rubies, shimmering baroque pearls of a deathlike pallor, and a delicate gold ring whose message read Here I lie and wait for you, a mysterious and increasingly dangerous chain of events haunted Meg. And when she discovered a legacy of dark revelations older and more intriguing than the glittering jewels they surround, Meg found that she must wage a battle of wits to protect something even more precious--her very life.


Meg: A tall, blonde, shy but tough New England schoolgirl. She was the main goal of all the threats. She was a very strong person, because she could still go on with life even though she knew there was a murder out there lose.

Daniel: A tall, stocky, and very successful antique jewelry seller. He was Meg's very strict and unpersuasive Grandfather. He...