Introducing Business Studies

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Business Studies is structured to develop the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values which are necessary for learners to participate responsibly, productively and effectively in business activities in both formal and informal sectors.

Business Studies as defined by the wilkipedia is the name of an academic subject taught at higher level in many countries and at university level. Its study combines accounting, economics, finance, marketing and organisational behavior, however these topics are taught somewhat differently depending on which board the examinations are sat on.

Business Studies is generally seen to be more theoretical, conceptual and academically more rigorous than the new vocationally focused Applied Business. The Applied Business course has a much more practical emphasis. This is in line with the UK government's vision for secondary education.

The subject investigates how private and public enterprises can be managed best to achieve profit and other objectives while providing goods and services that satisfy human needs.

It also deals with how individuals, through performing critical business roles, can participate and contribute positively to the South African and global economies.

The subject is closely related to other subjects in the NCS, namely accounting and Economics. These subjects can be approached from a Business Studies perspective, thereby facilitating integrationThis subject will ensure that learners;•Acquire and apply essential business knowledge, skills and principles to productively and profitably conduct business in changing business environments;•Create business opportunities, creatively solve problems and take risks while respecting the rights of others and environmental sustainability;•Apply basic leadership and management skills and principles while working with others to accomplish business goals;• Are motivated, self-directed, reflective lifelong learners who responsibly manage themselves and their activities while working towards business goals; and•Are committed to developing themselves and others through business opportunities and venturesIn addition to being able to secure formal employment, learners doing Business Studies will be able to pursue sustainable entrepreneurial and self-employment career pathways. Business Studies also forms the foundation for future business learning opportunities.

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