Investigation into McDonald's Image and Identity

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Corporate Image and Identity

The Identity


Christensen states "In the age of technology and competition, the buying public is being increasingly faced with a wide choice of similar designs and features within each price range for all kinds of products. It is clear that when there are no obvious differences in price, quality, design and features, the purchase decision may increasingly be influenced by a positive reputation of the brand and of the manufacturer."

Within today's globalised economy consumers are more aware of products; products are more accessible, giving immense power to the public to choose what they want, manufacturers and brands have to sustain the thoughts and feelings of their consumers in order to be successful.

The correct identity has to be encapsulated by the consumer, once the consumer and manufacturer are on the same wavelength, the consumer will look to buy into what is being sold.

An organisation's identity is their unique selling point; it embodies what the consumer is buying into, therefore the identity has to be clearly designed and developed.

Klein (2000) states, the astronomical growth in the wealth and cultural influence of multinational companies over the last fifteen years can be arguably traced back to a single, seemingly innocuous idea developed by management theorists in the mid 1980s that successful corporations must primarily produce brands, as opposed to products.

Visual Identity

McDonalds Name

McDonalds is an instantly recognised brand name around the globe, the name comes from brothers Dick and Mac McDonald, who started the McDonalds phenomenon as a hamburger stand in California in 1954.

McDonalds is a family name, not an artificial name drawn up in an office. Although the McDonalds Company has come a long way since that one hamburger stand, the name remains the same, pronounced the same globally, this gives...