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Diversifying My Portfolio The goal of every casino staff member is to separate a customer from his or her money. A staff member will go to great lengths to make sure a customer is having fun but still losing money. This past February, I spent three days investing in three casinos: the Luxor, Circus Circus, and Caesars Palace.

First, I invested in the Luxor. I arrived in Las Vegas at 6:00 p.m. and decided to stay at this Egyptian-themed resort. I went into the casino and sat down at an empty Black Jack table. The dealer was friendly and knowledgeable about many different playing strategies. She quickly picked up on my use of a strategy called the "High Opt"� strategy. I had found when using this method my success rate was significantly higher than without it. I left the table after five hours of slightly successful play. I had cashed in four hundred dollars and left with eight hundred dollars along with a complimentary pass to the buffet.

It was 1:30 a.m., and I could feel the strain on my eyes from the drive to Las Vegas coupled with the intentionally dim casino lighting. I recognized this as my body telling me it was time to quit.

On the second day, I invested in Circus Circus, a resort that was modeled after a circus. I sat down at a Black Jack table where three other players were already engaged in play. I traded my cash for chips and placed my bet. My first hand was a losing one, but it would be one of very few. For the next six hours, I could not help but win. Realizing that my winning streak could not go on forever, I tipped the dealer and proceeded to call it a night. The...