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What would you do with 2.00? Buy a new car or maybe a fancy house? How about taking an exotic trip? Probably not with $2.00? Now, suppose you had $200,000? That sounds more like it, but where can you get $200,000? I'd like to show you how investing can make that possible. So today let's take a look at investing for our future, first by understanding the need for investing early, secondly by looking as the various retirement investment plans, next by seeing how we can find the money to start saving and finally, by looking at how investing today can allow us to retire in financial comfort.

Not many of us think of retirement in a financial way. By not thinking of investing in retirement you could be losing tens of thousands of dollars. When you postpone setting a retirement goal financial security becomes harder to obtain. People set goals everyday; goals to lose weight, academic goals and career goals.

Why not retirement goals? One of the biggest reasons is investing ignorance. In the 2000 book Money for Life, the author states "the financial education in America is so appallingly absent in our schools that the average citizen is all but illiterate when it comes to his or her own money."� This ignorance is costing you both time and money. While most of us revel in our independence now many of us will depend on others for our retirement. According to the 1993 book Straight Talk on Money, the author states "you can not count on Social Security and a company's pension the way our parents did."� Our expectations of retirement shouldn't be the same as our parents. Do you really want to work until 65? Why do you have to be old to retire? The money you spend...