Investing in My Education

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Growing up in the multiple neighborhoods where I was raised, I was lucky to come home each day safely let alone with school on my mind. When I was younger, the influences around me didn't place much emphasis or high priority on education. When I would accomplish something I didn't receive the standard "way to go son" type reward that I probably should have received. Instead, I was left with the feeling that when I did well, it would just cause jealousy and its best that I not even bother. It has taken me many years but I now realize that if I put my mind to it, I can achieve whatever I want. If I am to reach the status I want to achieve in life, it's essential that I first invest in my education. I believe that investing in my education will help me to accomplish my goals because it will yield a growth in my horizons, diversify my knowledge of different subjects, and lastly it will make me more marketable as a job candidate.

The college atmosphere is a brand new and overwhelming experience for me. I have never been placed in an atmosphere where a great deal of the people around me are goal driven individuals who welcome the opportunity to aid others in their pursuit of success. Thisnew broadening of my horizons will be crucial for me. To be successful I need to be willing to place myself in these situations without hesitation. By doing so, I will learn to be both open and fearless in both the professional world and in everyday life.

I know a great deal about many different aspects of life. School however, is not one of them. In order to be successful it will be crucial that I...