Invisible poor, the land of the free

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"I work as a night auditor and a bellhop at a small hotel, here in San Jose. And I've been in the National Guard for 15 years. About six months, I've been living here in the car. I divorced my wife recently, and I ended up like this from complications from the divorce. There aren't always beds at the shelter, but I can park outside and use the shower and get mail and get food.

"I sleep in my clothes, and keep the tie on. I don't know why, part of that military thing, the discipline. You can get used to anything. They ask me at work how I'm doing. And I say fine, and of course I'm lying. But the boss recently said I didn't look so good. And I told him what's been going on. And so they just offered me a raise at work. I don't know how much it's going to be.

I think a dollar would be too much. I want to earn it. Maybe 50 cents."


We cannot continue to hide class separations. If we continue to do so the poor will become poorer, problems with living in the lower class will seem trivial, if noticed at all, and we'll continue to fall behind the developement of other nation's improvements in general social welfare. In order for us to operate as a complete nation we must acknolwedge class seperations.

"Class is for European democracies or something else - it isn't for the United States of America. We are not going to be divided by class." (1) I do like Bush senior's direction. He is emphasizing that we are all the same in being American and we can stand together with no differences acting as barriers. Unfortunately, this view is destructive. The fact...